Scheduling a Meeting

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One of the most common uses of email in business is for scheduling meetings. It is important to do this without causing a lot of confusion. The courses in this program will help you learn English language and skills to:

  • request a meeting with colleagues 
  • set up a meeting with clients
  • accept a meeting request
  • decline a meeting request
  • offer alternative meeting times
  • confirm meeting dates, time, and location
  • reschedule meeting if needed
  • respond to a request to reschedule

There are 5 total courses. Each is designed to help you learn and develop better email writing skills in English. You will have opportunities:

  • practice the structure, vocabulary, and expressions through quizzes
  • write real emails
  • receive full feedback from an instructor
  • chat with an instructor regarding relevant questions

The best time to improve your skills is now. We look forward to helping you.

Scheduling a Meeting includes these courses

Requesting a Meeting
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Responding to a Meeting Request
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Confirming a Meeting
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Rescheduling a Meeting
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Responding to a Reschedule Request
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